Accommodation Reservation Facilitation
  • We take responsibility for updates of the website including but not limited to availability, images, descriptions about booking and other information.
  • If the accommodation that you searched for indicates to be unavailable, it is your obligation to acknowledge that the particular accommodation is not available.
  • In situations where customer support is necessary, our customer support service will put themselves out for your assistance.
  • The default rating will be amended necessarily according to the updated promotions and rates, customer reviews and star ratings, popularity and so forth.
  • Your booking will be rejected not limited to the reasons which are inappropriate behaviour, violence, suspicious activity, violating Terms & Conditions and submission of deceptive information by you.

Usage of Our Website
  • You may take the responsibility that the payment details and the contact details that you provide us are accurate.
  • Niwadu may contact you when it is necessary.
  • You are obliged to use the website only with the anticipation of making a payment for any reservation that you may make.

Prices, Niwadu Price Guarantee and Additional Charges
  • Unless mentioned otherwise, all the prices included in the website are associated with room reservations only (for accommodation bookings) and activities only (for activity bookings).
  • All the prices on our site are updated for your best interest and Niwadu will lay out the total amount payable, which may include additional charges before you confirm your booking.
  • We hold no responsibility if the hotel charges additionally which are not included in the agreement with the website or our service

Refunds and Reschedules
  • Please note that any payments you make may not be subjected to refund nevertheless, we are capable of arranging you a reschedule of your preference.

Advance Payment
  • Your booking will be a tentative booking until it’s confirmed by your payment and we are incapable of guaranteeing that your reservation will be available unless there is any confirmation.

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